Is the 5-second rule real?

Dr. Devi Nampiparampil, good to have you.
Nice to see you.
I know you too perfectly.
Great to see you this morning.
People are analyzing the 5 second rule for years. They started in [a ]folkrole, this idea ¥that¥ if something falls on the floor, if pick it up [in]¥within¥ 5 seconds, you are okay. But now, some sciences are behind this in your study.
Yeah, they actually compared whether 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and even 24 hours makes a difference, and really there isn’t too much difference in terms of the time.
24 hours!?
It really depends on what bacterias are out there more so on the time, right? Because even in less than 5 seconds, that bacteria could transfer to the food. So, it’s the surface of the floor and the surface of the food that makes the most difference.
So, let me bring you back to about 4:45, this morning when i took a handful of my chocolate chunk things. And one of the chocolates chunks fall on the floor, ¥I said¥ do I get it?
which did you do?
I picked it up and left it away.
IBut i was worried.. concerned about the carpet.
So, the carpet is actually a little bit safer than the floor itself. It’s actually hard¥er¥ to transfer from the carpet. But it’s really the location that makes the most of the difference. I mean, [cuz that kind of things] happen to me too. If you just clean the surface and you know that it’s clean, its a little bit different. If you drop something in the area probably dirty like the bathroom, for example, where a lot of people are walking in out of.
The carpet is okay.. there is this carpet part of Penn station in an waiting room, [my chewing gum] and it falls out [???] on the ground for 1 second! 1 second!!
That will be more [??? about it] ¥hesitant about it¥. There are so much traffic, i mean if you think about it what you are worried about is the type of bacteria , right? [equallie, salmonella] and these things might just not be on the floor if you think about the counter where you cut raw food perhaps ,right? They are more likely to have bacteria. So even whether its a counter or its your finger. If your fingers are dirty and touch the food, thats another surface that potentially could make you sick.
I just did some research. I didn’t realize even the discovery channel show myth buster did the whole episode on this and they found the same thing, they really didn’t matter. In 1 second, so, bacteria can jump right on the food.
Exactly. They can attach and so, you know, even if you think about how we get sick otherwise, [so not food] but just cold viruses or something like that. Even if someone [???]¥sneezes on their hand and its on your hand¥ touches the [zero hand], Think about how fast transfer the virus particle.
So, if you've been faced the chocolate chunk on the floor, what would you have done?
Well, [green room]¥green room¥, i probably wouldn’t have done it. Hospital, i wouldn’t do it because there are [so natures out there]¥so much germs out there¥. But i would say i dropped a pizza [that was] the last slice, and then i had just cleaned the area, then i did pick it up.
Maybe [??? Trump Peter's] Penn station comment, yesterday, we were in an event and it was out of a parking lot. It was a big public event, and it was like a lobster [claws or.. i ?? some craziness] ¥claws on ice and craziness¥. And then [I wanted this cracked]¥I went like this and cracked¥ one of them and a piece of lobster [meet]¥meat¥ flew over on the parking on the ground, and my wife [described] ¥grabbed it and said¥ “oh 5 second rule” and I ate it.
parking lot!? [?????]
I think [] drop some food
[Seafoods]¥See who's¥ brave enough to eat it.
Thank you doctor.
Nice talking to you.