Gone from the 'glades: Federal rules to put Florida's legendary airboats in dry dock

Sweeping sawgrass, big blue birds, bigger alligators, and [baby hatchling droy]. Million tourists every year at Everglades national park. And the completely wide open space in this river of grass has generations of [drone gladesman] like [his price].

Hydroplaning on their airplane-propelled airboats. But in this last section of the park where airboats are still allowed, the park’s new management plan is phasing them out. Only [gladesman who are ??ing here 1989] will be [grandfather in to continue their way of life.]

What’s wrong about it? They are robbing [children of the culture of heritage that is going on here].

The park’s planner says "don’t blame the park, blame Washington”
There is a law passed in 1989 by Congress, which basically directed the national park services to take into account private individual air-boaters and commercial tour [to ??? operations]. That's what this plan covers.

So soon, just 4 commercial airboat operators will be under contract so [irregulated] number of tourists will still be able to take the airboat ride and get that classic florida experience.

You’re taking away something that I have done for 60 years. Okay. And I said "OK, you are gonna do what I want you to do”. So it’s kinda.. I don’t mind working with the park, but I don’t like to work for the park. There is a difference.

[Official phase out of the park goes into effect next year unless future Congress reverses the rule. The glades man can there go elsewhere or somehow the fairly predicted become airboat outlaws.] ]]